T-shirt for men

A Must-have in the male wardrobe that looks at the practicality without sacrificing style, the t-shirt give exuberance to your casual outfit. Unmistakable yields:round neckline and straight cut, the shirts have conquered entire generations and today live a second youth: the secret of their timeless success lie in a perfect fit and in the ability to lend itself to the infinite combinations.

Man’s T-shirt: Choose your style

Behind the t-shirt it’s concealed a long and fascinating history. Used as underpants in '700 and as work clothing in the following century, the Shirts T-shaped lended charm to sailors in the nineteenth century and become an integral part of the uniform of the American army in the 40s of the Twentieth Century. Strong of the success in the States, the crew-neck shirt found its place in the Old Continent, becoming a symbol of rebellion and bohemian lifestyle. Today the t-shirt is transformed into a marvelous instrument of communication: to express with naturalness your style. On Bowdoo you will find the most classic models in solid color, but also t-shirt in shades fillers of energy and to crew-neck embellished with writings and decorations in the name of originality.

Men’s T-Shirt: The more versatile items in the wardrobe

The Men’s T-shirt, that we propose you reveal all their versatility. For your free time and the more informal occasion, the iconic shirtf T-shaped lends itself to be worn with a pair of jeans and a sweater for a basic mood. To dedicate yourself to your favorite sport, a t-shirt from the comfortable fit it’s the perferct choice, that you can wear with a tracksuit or with colored shorts. For a more sophisticated look by true contemporary gentleman, shirt with the crew-neck becomes fashionable if combined with a blazer and a cigarette trousers with the flap. All you have to do is to discover our collection of t-shirt reserved for the male universe: you will find the best brands, in addition to an infinity of models, nuance and decorations.

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