Men's Skate

For generations on the move, the skate is the symbol of a free and and adventurous spirit; riding the wave is possible also in the city. In the modern urban enviroment, skateboarding identifies you in a philosophy of life that flies free and passes over all obstacles. For your acrobatic evolutions, a selection of Skate shoes specially designed for your skateboarding tricks.

Skate for men: every trick is a success

If the half-pipe or the rail in any arrangement are the environment in which it unleashes your true self, it will be easy to recognize you in a collection of shoes designed for those who live outside the box and challenge the laws of physics whenever it has the opportunity. And it is here that the most reckless and fearless ollie is for you a communicative code that explains all of what you're made of. In you way of expression dominate entries as boneless, caveman and casper; between the flip, words such as loops, handplant and manua nose are the order of the day. With the Skate for men, each figure assumes quite another value.

Skate Shoes for your urban style outfit

The platform of the models Men’s Skate guarantees you a strong and secure grip, superior comfort for the joints and an optimal transpiration even under the stress of the performance. But it’s not just that: the design and the materials of the creations of Skate designers are the hallmark of your look away from the competitions and the training ramps. Suede or leather Canvas revisited in urban version with eye-catching details and carved lettering that capture every look. The true Skateboarder it is recognized from the smallest details.

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