Caps with Curved Visor

Curved Visor Caps belong to the Olympus of collection articles. Qualities such as strength and practicality show their exquisitely sporty essence, but it is especially the “easy” and eclectic desing to attract into their orbit generations of fans. The instant message and spontaneous freedom that communicate is the source of their planetary success.

Conspicuous, versatile and trendy? They are the curved visor caps!

As many clothing items and most of the accessories, the curved visor caps begun their exuberant career on baseball fields, on the green and wherever you can practice outdoor sports. The primary function was - and still is - to protect the head and the face of the athlete from solar reverb and atmospheric agents, but its empathetic essence appointed it as a testimonial of the authentic casual and informal style. His rebellious and cosmopolitan character has also opened the doors of the heart of the hip hop world that from United States has reached boys and girls from all over the world. Rap music, skateboard, street art: The curved visor caps completes the look thanks to the clean design and the rich palette of colors.

The curved visor is an evergreen, pleasant and glam

Crown or dome, cloves or panels, elasticized band or adjustable strap, with holes for the aeration: the ingredients of the icon cap of metropolitan a lifestyle are always the same. We love particularly the aggressive image that expresses itself with graphic motifs and sparkling fantasies, neutral and bright colors. You prefer models which recall sports directly? Choose those with logos and patch symbol of sport teams. The possible combinations will surprise you: jeans, cargo, t-shirt or sweater are a classic. You you prefer a mode morent and stylish outlook there are jackets, turtle-neck or cardigan, tailored trousers. Wear them even in autumn and winter: In addition to cotton and mesh using wool and synthetic fabrics that retain the heat.

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