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When a man takes is a pair of shoes you see. In a recent advertising campaign Adidas has placed emphasis on how the male personality walk through the shoes he wears. In the campaign of Adidas David Ellingsen immortalizes a naked man with only his shoes on him. Provocative but certainly full of meaning for what a pair of shoes to represent a man.

How to choose a pair of men's shoes for their feet?

Snarker? Amphibians? Loafers? Buckle up or slip-on? What are the trends and collections of this new autonno season winter 2016 2017? As always it is not exclusively a matter of fashion or style. Let us always remember that a pair of shoes accompanies our intense working days, our evenings in cheerful in the company of our friends or days of sport. Our feet are as important as our look.

If you have decided that the opportunity is elegant and formal, then here are some tips: Italy / England 1: 1. The Italian stylish shoes generally differ from those generally dictionaries for the degree of rigidity of the sole and the upper. Softer and flexible Italian shoes, more rigid and compact English shoes:

  • Chelsea Boots: the classic leather boot
  • Monkstrap: the shoe with the buckle
  • Moccasin: shoes without laces or slip-on
  • Wingtips: elegant and sporty with the central tip sometimes pierced
  • Derby: elegant but sporty Oxford
  • Oxford or Balmoral: the most classic and elegant for men's shoes

If your look requires something more sporty then you can always opt for:

Sneakers: name originally designed for sports are becoming very popular in recent years and those who want to want to be men's shoes. The designers have indulged in a thousand shapes and colors, combining work and precious materials have made the "snakers" a luxury shoe with sometimes costs that reach the traditional British footwear.

Recent times have also caught many handmade Italian shoes made by hand by small artisan companies that combine the ancient knowledge of shoemakers with the most innovative materials for soles and uppers.

Men's Shoes Hand made:

Made in Italy by the hand-made men's shoes (Hand Made and Made in Italy) it is becoming a trand of fashion for men's shoes. Small companies like Moma Officine Creative and innovative collections draw inspiration from the classic or clocharme themes, invechiando skin or working it with skilled craftsmanship.

The choice is complex and sometimes you need to be inspired. with its Search Engine men's shoes allows you to view more than 3000 models of men's shoes in the vicinity discounted.

Prices Men's Shoes and discount:

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