Womens’s Bags

Bags for women represent the best allies of style,in fact accessories are indispensable for a modern lifestyle. In the past a match to the shoes or to the fabric of the garment was the rule, but today the watchword is one: creativity. Get inspired by magazines, blog and influencer, but you decide how to make unique the outfit. The originality is in the details or, in this case, in a bag!

Womens’s Bags: a model for every occasion

In the wardrobe of a woman the bags are never too many and each model has a precise task. The shopping bag and handbags or shoulder bags are comfortable, spacious and compatible with the fast rhythms of daily life: versatile and solid to bring equally with the jeans or skirt, but also printed, metalized or multicolor for sparkling look and avant-garde. The woman handbags are perfect for work and for more elegant outfit. The models in the skin with details in gold will combine with the classic dresses and tubino skirts, but are also ideal with oversize cardigan and booties dusters, while for the important events there are the pochette, small and precious.


Feminine accessories that dictate trends: discover our bags on Bowdoo

There is the right bag for every moment of the day. In general the large ones are for the day, the medium size for the afternoon and the pochette for the evening. If the event or the ceremony takes place during the day, choose for a clutch model. Bags, shoes and clothes do not have to be necessarily in pendant, but for a cared outfit focus on details and choose backpacks that recall the colors of sneakers or straps with flakes and metalizzati inserts that recall the form of earrings.

Guide to Women's Bags

The woman's bag in addition to being an important fashion and fashionable object performs an important function for the modern woman, busy in many roles, working, mother, wife, and sports. For every moment of the day so a woman should have a bag that suits the occasion: to hit, to astonish to be fashionable, to hold that infinity of accessories such as smartphones, lipsticks, brushes, tricks that every woman holds in his "mysterious "handbag.

Therefore, you must first choose from the best online boutique only women's bags adapted to the needs and the occasion. By subscribing to the newsletter Bowdoo.com takes you to a private area to receive offers discounted handbags, on sale or personalize vouchers to buy online.

Clutch bags:

The clutch handbag Women have different shapes and colors and even the materials have spent part of the design of a designer clutch. Better to keep them in hand even though they may possess shoulder straps in the golden chain or leather. Hold it becomes a must-have accessory like a jewel, a precious bracelet. Combining them to suit your look or you can customize your outfit for a perfect evening. You can give your style a touch of glamor, combining them with jeans or jeggings more casual.

It 'a bag of small size and because of them can be worn playing with material, leather, or nylon and make the wearer extremely feminine. Characterize your look and brighten.

They must be combined with a sandal or a cleavage necessarily high or with a dress for a special evening.

Bowdoo.com will help you match these beautiful handbags showing you a catalog of more than 2000 clutch bags never go wrong pairing of fashion accessories.

The shopper:

The Shopper always accompanies a dynamic and vital women at all stages of the long day. It allows you to store all the necessary things such as water, tricks, phone that can be easily contained and "found" in a time when you need them ;-). On bowdoo.com you can find a huge collection of shopper bags for all your needs and buy online safely from the best boutiques in Italy. You'll love at first sight of these beautiful shopper, handbags by comfortable and practical that you will be sent directly to your home with free shipping (where applicable).

The bags from woman's hand:

Messenger bags, shoulder, hand this are just some of the variants of hand bags made of faux leather, leather, or canvas. They can be stiff for a more private or more practical look soft and enveloping. On the car seat or under the seat of the scooter accompany you in your day of business or leisure. Shopping with this bag is practical and fun and leaves you hands free for "rummage" curious the wonders of clothing stores.

Choosing a handbag requires some attention in particular to the material and color to accompany them thoroughly with style, giving a touch of glamor to your look. They can be well put together with a pair of boots or ballet flats together with skinny pants plaid.

The total look to accompany this beautiful type of woman's bag will finally maybe the simple earring with pearls, a bracelet or black and white shoes with heels in the paint.

Taking care of one's bags Women:
Maintain in good shape your online purchase is important to give a long life to your objects. Never use strong substance, such as acids, alkaline-based detergents better to focus on specialized products for cleaning leather bags. Attention then to the preservation of one season and the next. Do not store your bags in the church plastic bags in a closet. The skin needs to breathe to keep soft.

Attention then not to deform the shape of your bag. Do not lean over objects or weights for a long time, they will lose the nerve to the skin and will form ugly folds.

Avoid contact of alcohol-based perfume with skin handbag.

You know that the worst enemy of the real leather for handbags is just the humidity? Do regular maintenance to your bag with sprays and gels and creams hydrophobic so that the droplets of water slipping away without damaging the skin.

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