Women’s Hats and Caps

Accessories are the detail that makes the difference in a winning look: for this reason it is important that you choose with care, following the trends of the season but also your personal taste. In winter, those indispensable items in the wardrobe are the hats and caps. They give character to your outfit and tell your personality in a humorous and trendy way.

The new trends for womaen’s Hats and Caps

Every season, in the fashion shows and in the shop windows, the trends are renewed in colors, forms and models. The hats are no exception: what are the new proposals for these accessories? Always a big trend classic are models such as the Panama and the Borsalino, that in winter are clothed with warm and precious fabbrics as the felt and velvet. From streetstyle we have the beanie, with irreverent writings and baseball caps in unusual materials such as satin, possibly covered with stones and crystals that make them special and valuable.

Combine the headgear to your look

How to choose the right hat for every occasion? Let your instinct guide you in matching shapes and different styles. The new trends of female fashion provide the mix of sports and elegant clothing. Try a cap with visor on a sartorial cutting coat, the beanie wool on a super feminine dress and panama hat with the formal tailleur. Even with the colors there are many possibilities: choose neutral nuance as the camel, gray and black to easily match any look, or dare with the colors of the season. Mustard yellow, burgundy, cobalt blue and even the fluo colors will attract the attention to yourself.

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