Women's Trousers

Guarantee of a practical wearability and at the same time super feminine, the trousers for women are the undisputed protagonists of the a woman’s wardrobe. From skinny models to the “over” ones, pants make you feel more secure and allow you to be impeccable in every situation: here are the latest fashion advice for some good taste matching.

trousers for woman: discover the must-have of the season

Why the feminine universe loves so much pants? Because they are comfortable and able to give the right emphasis on the silhouette. Always ready to support your desire to feel good and appropriate, the trousers enhance the sporty look and allow to give shape to classy outfit. The most popular models are the skinny and those with the cigarette cut. Always in vogue are the elegant trousers and the “over” models with a soft cut. And, to carve out a space just for them, are the shorter pants, with their cut above the ankle and the joggers pants with their fluid line but tightened on the bottom. Regarding the materials, denim and velvet live a second youth. The palette color winks to the incurable romantic with pastel shades and at the same time does not forget the most traditional nuance and colors infused with verve.

trousers for her: the unmissable matching

for the office and for most formal occasions, we recommend a wide trousers with pleats to wear with a striped fantasy jacket and moccasins with a high heel or a some cigarette trousers to wear with a ultra white blouse and basic sneakers. For the free time, favor a gritty outfit that will give new life to the style on the road: choose the skinny pants to match them with a a pair of boots and a jacket in bikers style. And, for an evening with your soul mate, make enigmatic your mise opting for a pair of wide trousers to wear with pump and with a jacket in white silk embellished by a maxi bow. You can discover our collection of trousers, the ideal item to be even more proud of your femininity!

The collections of women's pants are really a lot. In our clothing / woman / trousers section we have gathered all the possible models for you to choose from an endless catalog and comfort with discounted prices or promotions.

Let's start with the catalog the different types of women's pants on Bowdoo.com

Chino Pants:

It takes its name from China, when the United States commissioned them of military clothing productions. They have a male cut with pleats, rights on the leg but not wrapped. They are beautiful to wear with high heels or very high or even laced with men's shoes. The chinos are often combined with crop tops solid color (white or black) or a shirt with classic cut.

Cargo Pants:

They are fantastic, practical and saucy. Super large, (almost snowboard) This type of pants has pockets a little 'everywhere. They are often built with tech fabrics Marines style. They are beautiful when they are fluid and relaxed, often have an elastic waist band and some models the horse down. The footwear to match necessarily an amphibious if you really have to do a battle of "soft-hair", or to the city in the summer with sandals.


Hip Hugger view, very tight buttocks and thighs and then open up slightly on the legs. They should be worn with great attention to your line as show every single imperfection of the "waistline"

Skinny pants:

tight pants, super adherent, the name derives from "skin". You will like a second skin on your legs. Suitable for all those who have long legs, slender and straight. The materials on the market are many, from classic denim to stretch leather. The pants skinny on sale or discounted on bowdoo.com will find them throughout the autumn-winter 2016/2017 season

Skinny Pants:

They are the classic jeans regular or regular fit with the leg perfectly straight. Are fine to emphasize to women rather thin, they stand out the shapes of the body. If you wear them rolled at the ankle, better to choose a shoe with laces or a sneaker. If you do not have an ounce of fat on him, you can also choose low-life models.

Boyfriend jeans:

They are simply jeans, but with a difference: they are the boyfriend or husband: your boyfriend for the note. Being derived from the masculine cut and oversized, they are fine to be comfortable and sexy at the same time. Leg straight and wide on the thighs and hips. Wear it with spotted dancers.

Baggy pants:

Dropped crotch trousers, extremely wide and often dedicated to young fashion. Fashion of New York neighborhoods, including skaters, are large and formless. They have recently been taken by designers of international luxury fashion in the collections of the season autumn-winter 2016 and ALYX ANDREA YAAQOV

Pants Bloomers:

Pants with wide forms the sides and along the thigh and tight from the knee to the ankle. I am the classic shorts balloon. Invented by Amelia Bloomer who reinvented them in 1851 in London.

Capri pants:

The form-fitting shorts and capri almost, still on the ankle, this women's trousers model is inspired by the sailors, by fishermen and pirates. Very feminine and made Tech material. Emilio Pucci presented a collection in the recent past of these pants.

Pants fuseau:

Similar to the Skinny pants are made of stretch jersey with added polyester or nylon to make them more resilient. Often used for sports, fitness and recreation. Other times under a skirt with ballet flats or jeweled sandals.

Bib Pants:

Originally designed for the male labor, which have become fashionable in the early 80s, overalls become glamorous and trendy with the most famous designers who are inspired by the post-industrial work of occidentali.Pettorina companies with brass buttons or copper and adjusting hooks steel or iron. adjustable straps supporting the harness that may have front pockets.

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