The history of Xacus brand started in 1956 in San Vito di Leguzzano near Vicenza, when Alberto Xoccato, a Venetian merchant, began his adventure in the attic of the house where, with a few sewing machines and some helper, gives life to a small shirts of the laboratory, which in a few years already has been extended. A winning choice, which in the 60s and 70s will become the first nucleus of the present, launching the Xacus brand across Italy. Later, with the arrival in the company of the two sons of Albert, Xacus, whose meaning is precisely "Xoccato Alberto Shirts Men San Vito di Leguzzano", open to exports and spreads around the world.

Today, the company is an important company in the field of fashionable Italian man, with a factory in Eastern Europe, a network of laboratories across Italy and a production mainly oriented towards a high-quality product, perfect in every detail, as is the tradition of tailoring shirts.